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The Droid family of fonts was designed by Ascender’s Steve Matteson beginning in the fall of 2006. The goal was to provide optimal quality and reading comfort on a mobile handset. The Droid fonts were optimized for use in application menus, web browsers and for other screen text.

Ascender worked closely with Google and the Open Handset Alliance to develop these system fonts for Android, a free, open source, and fully customizable mobile platform.

Ascender initially developed seven fonts for the Droid font family and continues to enhance and expand the Droid font family:

  • New weights
  • New styles
  • Enhanced language support (more language & script coverage)
  • Advanced OpenType typographic features

Ascender is working closely with Open Handset Alliance members and other partners to modify and customize the Droid fonts for many future devices and environments.

Manufacturer, developers and carriers requiring CJK fonts with a reduced memory footprint have the option of licensing the DigiType Compact Asian solution which has been enabled on the Android platform. DigiType Compact Asian is a proprietary, scalable font system which significantly reduces the file size of Asian fonts while still providing excellent screen legibility and performance.

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Customer & Press comments:

"I've used the fonts with the Android project, and they are great fonts! I am glad to see you making OpenType versions available to designers." - Chris A.

"Among Android's many visually arresting features are its fonts. Google commissioned Ascender, a font house in Illinois, to create a custom Android font to render most of the phone's text; the font, Droid, is both stylish and highly readable, calling to mind Apple's minimalist aesthetic." Slate Magazine, Nov 17, 2008

"it's notable that the screens of the iPhone and the new T-Mobile/Google G1 are masterpieces of design, with perfect font-rendering" - The Independent